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    VeinClinic.com tops off your clinic revenue with the most powerful tool on the internet; a simple, service specific domain. People are drawn to service specific domains because they catch the eye and recognize that domain is the authority. (There's a reason why "Insurance.com" sold for 35 million dollars.) VeinClinic.com pulls in visitors much better than "XYZveinclinic.com". You can put that power to work for you, 24/7, 365 days a year, at a surprisingly low cost. More eyes on you means more business for you. Simple.


    VeinClinic.com makes it easy for us to make you money. The short, service specific domain name draws patients right to it. For example, VeinClinic.com links are clicked 273% more often than all industries in general and 305% more than the medical industry in particular. The organic appeal of VeinClinic.com also magnifies the power of our marketing. We have paid as little as 7¢ per click on high value search terms for which others paid up to $10.23 (per Google keyword tools). These are just a couple of the reasons we can bring you lots of revenue for little cost.


    VeinClinic.com joins exclusively with one vein clinic per market area to drive more traffic to that clinic. Even if you have no competition, VeinClinic.com can bring you more patients and more revenue. If you do have competition, every VeinClinic.com patient that comes to you is one that doesn't go somewhere else. Once a VeinClinic.com market is taken, it's gone.


    Numbers from a VeinClinic.com clinic in a mid-size market show the value of additional traffic. Each new vein patient averaged 8.5 diagnostic and treatment procedures for a total of $5,015 in fees with $3,146 gross profit after direct costs. With fixed costs covered by baseline patient flow, gross profit from each additional patient from VeinClinic.com is mostly net. If your clinic also offers non-venous services or products, each new vein patient can be worth thousands more in crossover fees. Either way, using VeinClinic.com is like printing money.

  • FAQ's

    Some things you probably want to know.

    Q: What is VeinClinic.com?

    A: VeinClinic.com is a traffic builder that brings you more revenue by seamlessly driving new patients directly to your website. No matter how small or big your clinic, VeinClinic.com will boost your traffic and make you money. You don't make any changes to your website or to your existing domain name. Nothing changes about the way your site operates. You just gain additional visitors which means you gain additional patients.


    Q: How does VeinClinic.com do that?

    A: VeinClinic.com starts with the biggest advantage that exists on the internet: the power of a simple, service specific domain name. People searching for a service are naturally drawn to an industry specific domain as the authority. The shorter, simpler, and more specific, the better. VeinClinic.com is such a natural draw that we routinely capture traffic from vendors trying to contact competing clinics and even traffic from clinic staff . We leverage that organic power with targeted marketing and geolocation software to pull local vein traffic directly to you. All of this is provided as part of our basic service. Unlike a directory where a visitor weeds through menus to find a local clinic (sometimes including local competitors), visitors from your area are connected seamlessly and directly to your website. There are no menus and they don't see other clinics in your market; they just see you.


    Q: How accurately can VeinClinic.com locate potential patients for my clinic?

    A: VeinClinic.com uses one of the best geolocation databases available. It is continuously updated with the latest information, checked and cross-checked. By casting a wide net around the target, 90% or more of traffic from a market area can usually be captured and directed to you. Cell phone traffic can be an exception since cellular companies sometimes link users through servers very far outside their area. Fortunately, most cell phone browsing is done over wi-fi and those users can be located with the same high accuracy as other devices. VeinClinic.com markets are very generously sized, typically extending up to 50 kilometers (about 31 miles) from the center of the target area, capturing the overwhelming majority of potential patients from the target plus bonus traffic from areas surrounding it.


    Q: How much revenue can VeinClinic.com generate for my clinic?

    A: VeinClinic.com will bring you more patients, that's a guarantee. Just one ablation patient can cover a year of VeinClinic.com and still leave money in your pocket. The rest is gravy. Even a modest increase in traffic can easily generate six figures in additional annual income. Done right, the internet beats every other medium for getting big returns on a small investment, and VeinClinic.com does it right. Go ahead and check it out for yourself! It's free to try, so there's nothing to lose.


    Q: How do I take advantage of VeinClinic.com?

    A: Good news! If you're seeing this page while browsing from your area, your market is (probably) available...for now. Once your market area is taken, this page will disappear and the VeinClinic.com partner website will appear instead. For now, you can try VeinClinic.com for a month, no strings attached. Just fill out the form below and you'll start getting more website traffic in a couple of days. We'll send you traffic reports so you can see it work for yourself. We'll also show you how affordable VeinClinic.com pricing is for you to keep pumping up your business after your free month. Give it a try!

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