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    VeinClinic.com tops off your clinic revenue with the most powerful tool on the internet; a short, direct, service-specific domain name. Marketing studies of real world results make it clear. People are strongly drawn to the link that implies established authority in the industry. There's a reason why the domain "CarInsurance.com" sold for $49.7 million dollars. "VeinClinic.com" is a powerful magnet for patients looking for vein treatment. Put that pulling power to work for you, 24/7, 365 days a year. More eyes on you means more business for you. Simple.


    People click "VeinClinic.com" links 273% more often than all industries in general and 305% more than the medical industry in particular. The organic pull of "VeinClinic.com" is so strong that we often pay pennies for high value patient search terms that cost others over $10 (source: Google keyword tools). VeinClinic.com brings you more patients for the least cost.


    VeinClinic.com is not a clinic directory service. We partner with just one vein clinic per market area to drive more local traffic to that clinic. Even if you have no competition, the pull of industry leading domain name like "VeinClinic.com" can attract more patients and more revenue. And if you do have competition, VeinClinic.com patients that come to you are patients that don't go to another local clinic. Every market is exclusive. Only one clinic will get VeinClinic.com traffic. Once a VeinClinic.com market is taken, it's gone.


    Results from a small clinic in a mid-size, middle class midwest market shows the value of VeinClinic.com. Each new patient averaged 8.5 diagnostic and treatment procedures with over $5,000 in fees received and more than $3,000 in gross profit. Those are pretty nice bonus dollars in a middle-class areas with a large Medicare population. Potential profits are even more in an affluent city or with a higher mix of cash or private insurance. If you also offer non-venous services, each new vein patient can be worth thousands more in crossover fees. Whatever your situation, using VeinClinic.com turns pennies into dollars.

  • FAQ's

    Some things you probably want to know.

    Q: What is VeinClinic.com?

    A: VeinClinic.com is a revenue boosting service that brings you more traffic and more patients through a one-of-a-kind, high value, high response domain. No matter how small or big your clinic, VeinClinic.com will increase your traffic and make you money. You don't need to make any changes to your website or change your own domain name. Nothing changes about the way your site operates or the SEO value you've built up with your existing domain. You just gain additional visitors through the VeinClinic.com which means you gain additional patients which means you gain additional revenue. Simple.


    Q: How does VeinClinic.com do that?

    A: VeinClinic.com starts with the biggest advantage that exists on the internet: a direct, service specific domain name which strongly implies authority. VeinClinic.com is the trifecta; short, simple, and bullseye specific. "VeinClinic.com" has a response rate that's miles ahead of typical domains like "XYZveincenter.com" or "leslieandersonveininstitute.com". In fact, VeinClinic.com is such a natural draw that we routinely capture internet traffic intended for other vein clinics. We are besieged with contacts from potential patients, actual patients, vendors and others intended for other vein clinics across the country. We even regularly receive attempted interoffice contacts from the staff of other clinics who unconsciously use "VeinClinic.com" as the contact domain. As frustrating as it may be for them, it's just evidence for us of the organic power of "VeinClinic.com". If employees from other vein clinics are that strongly drawn to VeinClinic.com, imagine the pull for potential patients looking for services in your area. We combine the organic power of the perfect top-level domain with high-precision geolocation redirection and targeted marketing to pinpoint people searching for vein treatment in your area. Then we we funnel them right to you.


    Q: So, VeinClinic.com isn't another vein clinic directory?

    A: Right. We've combined our unique domain advantage with up-to-date georedirection programming and leveraged them into something much more powerful than a directory. VeinClinic.com is not a directory, it's a direct traffic funnel to you. There are no nested menus for the visitor to weed through that end up taking them to a page where they can shop various clinics in a geographic area and with a little luck they choose you. Instead, potential vein patients browsing in your area are seamlessly connected directly to your website when they click the VeinClinic.com link. And they will click it. The process is completely invisible to everyone and everything except your growing bank account. You don't need to make any changes to your existing site. In fact, you don't need to do anything at all except sign up. We'll take it from there.


    Q: How accurately can VeinClinic.com locate potential patients for my clinic?

    A: VeinClinic.com uses one of the best geolocation databases available. It is continuously updated with the latest information, checked and cross-checked which guarantees we can detect the overwhelming majority of traffic from your area. Cellular data traffic can be an exception since cellular companies sometimes link users through distant servers. Fortunately, statistics show that most cell phone browsing is actually done over Wi-Fi and those users can be located with the same high accuracy as other devices.


    Q: How much revenue can VeinClinic.com generate for my clinic?

    A: VeinClinic.com will bring you more patients, that's a guarantee. Just one extra ablation patient can cover a year of VeinClinic.com and still leave money in your pocket. The rest is gravy. Our real world example above shows how quickly additional patients can pump up net income. There's some variation by market, patient mix, individual clinic practices, etc., but done right, the internet beats every other medium for getting a big return on a small investment, and VeinClinic.com does the internet right.


    Q: How do I start using VeinClinic.com?

    A: Good news! If you're seeing this page while browsing from your area, your market is (probably) available...for now. Once your market area is taken, this page will disappear and the VeinClinic.com partner website will appear instead. For now, you can try VeinClinic.com for a month, no strings attached. Just fill out the form below and you'll start getting more website traffic in a couple of days. We'll send you traffic reports so you can see it work for yourself. We'll also show you how affordable VeinClinic.com pricing is to keep on pumping up your business month after month. Give it a try!


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